HKS Air Filter Flow 80mm Intake Reloaded Mushroom Cleaner 3"

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Filter cage allows for 30% more intake surface area
Aluminum back plate for added strength
Sealing ring reduces contaminants from entering engine
3 Layer, triple density dry filter element
16 Inner Frames
Iron on the bottom
  1. 100% BRAND NEW
  2. Easy to install
  3. Color: green
  4. Filter depth: 90mm
  5. Filter diameter: 200mm
  6. Connector diameter: 80mm
  7. Super Power Flow is a high efficiency air cleaner system developed for high performance vehicles.
  8. Plate and Mesh made out of high quality stainless steel to keep it from rusting on cold air or high moisture locations.
  9. The 3 layer dry-type polyurethane filter provides high air intake efficiency.
  10. Improves up to 95% filtration efficiency
  11. Air induction efficiency is improved drastically by curt funnel effect,and produces improved engine response and cuts fuel consumption.
Available for universal applications, the unique design of the air filter combats the propensity of airflow to move towards surface areas which generates turbulence and reduces airflow capacity, typically a weak point of box-type designs. HKS’ patented super-funnel design, with its vacuum-inducing inner lip, draws air from the filter’s outer edge and directs air away from inlet throat surface areas.
Universal fit for all vehicles with 80mm Inner diamter pipe.
Package Includes:
1 x HKS Super Power Flow Air Filter
Lara's Note: The box is a little battered as you can see by the pictures but the filter itself is in perfect brand new condition.


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