Luxury Wool Tambo Teddy Seat Belt Cover

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Luxurious handmade Tambo Teddy woollen seat belt covers feel great against the skin and enhance driving comfort. An essential driving accessory that makes the perfect gift.

Lara first discovered the Tambo Teddy woollen seat belt covers on a road trip and has loved them ever since.  As someone who likes to test a product Lara took the covers to the drag racing community and had Speedy Gonzales try them out in the race car.  Look how happy they made him.

If you are short like Lara or just like driving topless, these seat belt covers will stop the seat belt from cutting into your neck or the soft skin of your chest. 

Created in Outback Queensland, Tambo Teddy seat belt covers are tenderly crafted from 100% woollen sheepskin, truly an Australian hand-made product.